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Reading  2 семестр 7 клас  підручник Карп'юк

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Готуємось до семестрової контрольної роботи з письма за 2 семестр 7 клас ( підручник Карп'юк)


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контрольна робота 5 клас тема "Шкільне життя"


5 клас тема «Шкільне життя»


  1. Circle the correct answer.

1)  Pupils learn about the life of people in the past at ... lessons.

 a) Science  b) Art         c) History

2) At English lessons pupils listen to ... in English.

a) films       b) stories     c) books

3) I like Music lessons because they are very ... .

 a) boring    b) difficult   c) interesting

 4) «Student» is a(n) ... .

a) noun        b) adjective c) verb


  1. Complete the sentences with the necessary form of the adjectives in brackets.

1) I don’t like this film. It is__________    (boring) than that one.

2) IT lessons are   _________ (popular) in our school.  All the pupils love them.

3) Ben is ________    (good) sportsman than Jack.

4) This story is  _________(funny) than that one.

5) Edd is________   (lazy) boy in our class. He never does his homework.

6) Betty is_______ (tall) girl of all my friends.


  1. Write answers to the questions.

 1) What is your favourite subject at school?

 2) How many lessons do you have on Mondays? 

3) What subjects are you bad at?  

4) What school subject is the easiest for you?  

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контрольна робота з читання за 2 семестр, 9 клас карп'юк


Variant 1

  1. Read the text below. For (1—7) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, and F if it is false. An example (1) has been done for you.

Human-made noise pollution in the Earth’s oceans and seas is becoming a serious threat to sea wildlife. Scientists report that there is hardly an underwater place left where sea mammals can live in peace and quiet. Dozens of species of whales, dolphins, turtles and other creatures depend on sound in their communication, finding mates and hunting for food. So noisy environment is making it difficult to lead a normal life. This is according to a report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), called «Ocean Noise: Turn it Down». The environmental group says noise from shipping, oil and gas surveys, offshore construction and water sports has reached dangerous levels for sea life.

The IFAW says the distance over which blue whales can communicate is down by 90 per cent. It also reports that in the past decade, many whales have become beached after being disorientated because of loud noise. The group also warns that noise pollution is only going to get worse. There are 90 survey ships active in the oceans today. In addition, the number of ships sailing the seas will double by 2025. Mark Simmonds, a IFAW spokesman, said, «man-made noise is already causing a kind of acoustic fog», and called for a «response to noise pollution in the underwater».

T 1) The noise humans make is harmful for creatures living in the oceans.

__2) There are very few quiet places left in the oceans.

__3) Sound doesn’t help sea animals to hunt for food and look for a mate.

__4) The distance over which blue whales can communicate has become larger.

__5) Noise pollution can mean whales lose their way and die on beaches.

__6) The number of ships on the seas is not going to change in the next 20 years.

__7) Mark Simmonds, a IFAW spokesman, said it’s very foggy in the oceans.

  1. Read the text below. Match choices (A—E) to (1—5). An example (1) has

been done for you.

A) Work Is Honourable

B) Some People Go through Life Hating and Avoiding Work

C) So the Question You Must Ask Is «Why Do People Do It?»

D) Work Gives You a Sense of Purpose

E) Work Is a Means to Develop Character

A week has 168 hours. If you sleep eight hours a day, that leaves 112 hours per week of active time in your life. If you work about 50 hours a week, that is almost half of your week’s active time. This is a very significant part of your life that you spend working.

1 (C)

One simple answer is that most people need to earn money. But many

billionaires, like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Warren Buffett, spend a significant

amount of their time working, probably more than most people. And yet, they

don’t need any money. Let’s look at the advantages work can give us.

2 ( )

Many people go through their working life thinking about retirement. They

think about the day when they will just be able to sit back, relax and take it

easy. But when the day arrives they enjoy the first few months of their newly

found freedom and stress-free living, but after a while they start losing their

sense of purpose. Their work gave them a sense of being important that they

now miss, and they start to feel worthless.


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Готуємось до контрольної роботи з письма за  2 семестр


Variant 1

  1. Use the prompts to write about the following jobs as in the example.

1) actor: act/play or movie/theatre

An actor is a person who acts in a play or movie.

He usually works at the theatre.

2) hairdresser: cut and style/hairdresser’s

3) surgeon: perform operations on the body/hospital

4) receptionist: greet visitors/office or hotel

  1. Read the passage and write down three questions to it.

In the 1920s, American engineer, Philo Taylor Farnsworth devised the television camera, a device which converted the image captured into an electrical signal.

The pick-up tube is the main element governing the technical quality of the

picture obtained by the camera. The first electronic cameras using iconoscope tubes were characterized by very large lenses, necessary to ensure enough light reached the pick-up tube.

1) Who_______________________________________?


2) When_______________________________________?


3) What_________________________________________?



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3 form holidays v-1

  1. Listen and circle the correct answer.

1) When is Mike’s birthday party?

a) On Saturday.

 b) On Sunday.

 c) On Friday.


2) Where does Mike usually celebrate his birthday?

a) At home.

b) On a picnic.

c) In a café.


3) How many children are going on the picnic?

a) 4.

 b) 6.

 c) 8.


4) Why are they going to the picnic?

a) To celebrate birthdays. 

b) To play badminton.

 c) To make a birthday cake.

5) What do the girls like doing?

a) Playing badminton.

b) Cooking.

 c) Fishing.


6) Where are they going after the picnic?

a) To Mike’s house.

 b) To a river.

 c) To a café.

  1. Cross the odd word out.

1) Dance,




2) Easter,




3) Stars,




4) Tuesday, Wednesday, December, Thursday.

5) Invitations, lessons,



6) Usually,




3Make up sentences.

1) flowers/our/home/decorate/with/we/.  We decorate our home with flowers.

2) always/Granny/makes/basket/an/Easter/._______________________________________________

3) we/in/the/Easter/garden/celebrate/usually/._____________________________________________

4) must/before/our/house/clean/Easter/we/._______________________________________________

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контрольна робота 6 клас карп'юк


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Тема. Харчування

TEST 5th form 

 V -1

1. Match the words to their definitions. There are two words that you don’t need to use.

1) An aunt

2) A dentist

3) A cousin

4) A mechanic

5) A policeman

6) A strawberry

7) A cherry


a) A person who repairs cars.

b) A small red round fruit that grows on a tree.

c) Your mother’s or father’s sister.

d) A person who catches burglars.

e) Your aunt’s or uncle’s son or daughter.


2. Use the words to write the sentences.(Present Continuous)

3 Circle the correct answer.

1) There is ... salad in the fridge.

a) some 

 b) any     

 c) many

2) Is there ... tea in the cup?

a) some    

b) any      

 c) many


3) There are ... apples in the basket.

a) any  

 b) much    

 c) many

4) There aren’t ... candies on the plate.

a) some

 b) much

c) many

5) There isn’t ... milk in the bottle.

a) some

b) any

c) many


6) Are there ... eggs in the fridge?

a) some

b) any

c) much

4 Complete the dialogue with the phrases from the box.

A glass of apple juice, please.

Here you are.

Yes. I’d like a hamburger and some tomato salad, please.

Yes. How much is that?

Can I have a pizza, then?



A: Can I help you?


A: Sorry, we don’t have hamburgers.


A: Yes, of course. Anything to drink?


A: So, a pizza, some tomato salad and a glass of apple juice.


A: 6.75 altogether, please.


A: Here’s the change.

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Тематична контрольна робота 4 клас - тема"around the city"

4 клас Variant I

  1. Прочитай текст Jim lives in a nice house in a beautiful town of Chester. The house has a big living-room, a small dining-room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. In the living-room there are two comfortable armchairs, a sofa and a TV with a CD player. The modern kitchen has got a new cooker and a fridge. There are two bedrooms with wooden wardrobes. The bathroom has got a bath and a shower. There is a lovely garden behind the house.

Чи правильні твердження до тексту завдання 1? Постав «+» біля правильних чи «-»  біля неправильних.

 1) Chester is a beautiful town.___

2) There are two floors in the house.___

3) The living-room is not small.____

4) The kitchen is modern.____

5) There are two bathrooms.____

6) The house has a garden.___

7) There is a TV with a CD player in the dining-room.____

  1. До поданих іменників підбери прикметники з тексту завдання 1.

1.     nice        house                                6._________ kitchen

2._________town                                  7. _______cooker

3._________living-room                       8._________wardrobes

4._________dining-room                      9.__________ garden


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Тематична контрольна робота тема 3 "Наука і винахіди"


Variant 1

1.Listen to the text and read the statements to it. Choose T if the statement is true according to the text, and F if it is false.

1) Bell invented the telephone in 1776.____


2) The first real mobile telephone call was made by Dr Martin Cooper.___

3) In 1980s, the mobile phones were small but expensive._____

4) At the end of 1990s still very few people could afford a mobile phone.___

5) With the increasing use of mobile phones people’s timekeeping became approximate._____

6) According to the text, people will never be able to watch TV using a mobile phone._____

2.  Read the text below. For questions (1—5) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D). An example (1) has been done for you.

William Henry Gates III was born on 28 October 1955. He is one of the world’s richest people and perhaps the most successful businessman ever. He co-founded the software giant Microsoft and turned it into the world’s largest software company. He is the best-known entrepreneur of the PC revolution. He has also written two best-selling books and started his own charity with his wife.

Gates was fascinated by electronics from a young age. In 1975 he read about a small technology company. He contacted them to see if they were interested in a computer program he had written. This led to the creation of Microsoft. Gates later struck a deal with IBM that put Microsoft’s Windows on IBM computers. This deal made Microsoft a major player in the IT industry.

Gates was in charge at Microsoft from 1975 until 2006. He was an active software developer at the beginning. He had a vision that computers could change everyone’s life. He helped make this vision come true and developed many products that are now part of modern life. His management style has been studied and copied around the world. Gates stepped down as Microsoft CEO in June 2008. Now he spends time with his wife, Melinda, focusing on their charitable foundation. They provide funds for global problems that are ignored by other organizations.

1) What is the best title for this text?

A) The Creation of Microsoft.

B) Gate’s Family Life.

C) Bill Gates: the Story of Success.

D) Bill Gates: the Early Years.


2) Bill Gates…

A) is the world’s richest man.

B) founded the software giant Microsoft.

C) turned Microsoft into the world’s largest software company.

D) has written many best-selling books.


3) When did Gates start being interested in electronics?

A) When he was rather young.

B) After he read about a small technology company.

C) Since 1975.

D) While studying at the University

4) What made Microsoft a major player in the IT industry?

A) Gate’s interest in electronics.

B) Cooperation with a small technology company.

C) The development of the IT industry.

D) The contract with IBM that put Microsoft’s Windows on IBM computers.

5) Gates believed that…

A) software doesn’t need further development.

B) computers could influence people’s life.

C) the importance of computers is doubtful.          

D) he wasn’t competent enough to be in charge at Microsoft.

3. Using the prompts below, write sentences in the Past Passive, as in the example.

1) — What a nice bike! — It/give/my parents/birthday. — It was given to me by my parents for my birthday .

2) — Look at that house! What happened to it? — It/destroy/in an earthquake.

3) — Where were you born? — In London/but/I/raise/in New York.

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Семестрова контрольна робота з читання за 2 семестр (підручник Карпюк) 10 клас (0)
Готуємось до контрольної роботи з читання за 2 семестр - підручник Карп'юк (0)
Семестрова контрольна робота з читання 2 семестр 7 клас - підручник Карп'юк (0)

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