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контрольна робота з читання за 2 семестр, 9 клас карп'юк
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контрольна робота з читання за 2 семестр, 9 клас карп'юк


Variant 1

  1. Read the text below. For (1—7) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, and F if it is false. An example (1) has been done for you.

Human-made noise pollution in the Earth’s oceans and seas is becoming a serious threat to sea wildlife. Scientists report that there is hardly an underwater place left where sea mammals can live in peace and quiet. Dozens of species of whales, dolphins, turtles and other creatures depend on sound in their communication, finding mates and hunting for food. So noisy environment is making it difficult to lead a normal life. This is according to a report from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), called «Ocean Noise: Turn it Down». The environmental group says noise from shipping, oil and gas surveys, offshore construction and water sports has reached dangerous levels for sea life.

The IFAW says the distance over which blue whales can communicate is down by 90 per cent. It also reports that in the past decade, many whales have become beached after being disorientated because of loud noise. The group also warns that noise pollution is only going to get worse. There are 90 survey ships active in the oceans today. In addition, the number of ships sailing the seas will double by 2025. Mark Simmonds, a IFAW spokesman, said, «man-made noise is already causing a kind of acoustic fog», and called for a «response to noise pollution in the underwater».

T 1) The noise humans make is harmful for creatures living in the oceans.

__2) There are very few quiet places left in the oceans.

__3) Sound doesn’t help sea animals to hunt for food and look for a mate.

__4) The distance over which blue whales can communicate has become larger.

__5) Noise pollution can mean whales lose their way and die on beaches.

__6) The number of ships on the seas is not going to change in the next 20 years.

__7) Mark Simmonds, a IFAW spokesman, said it’s very foggy in the oceans.

  1. Read the text below. Match choices (A—E) to (1—5). An example (1) has

been done for you.

A) Work Is Honourable

B) Some People Go through Life Hating and Avoiding Work

C) So the Question You Must Ask Is «Why Do People Do It?»

D) Work Gives You a Sense of Purpose

E) Work Is a Means to Develop Character

A week has 168 hours. If you sleep eight hours a day, that leaves 112 hours per week of active time in your life. If you work about 50 hours a week, that is almost half of your week’s active time. This is a very significant part of your life that you spend working.

1 (C)

One simple answer is that most people need to earn money. But many

billionaires, like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and Warren Buffett, spend a significant

amount of their time working, probably more than most people. And yet, they

don’t need any money. Let’s look at the advantages work can give us.

2 ( )

Many people go through their working life thinking about retirement. They

think about the day when they will just be able to sit back, relax and take it

easy. But when the day arrives they enjoy the first few months of their newly

found freedom and stress-free living, but after a while they start losing their

sense of purpose. Their work gave them a sense of being important that they

now miss, and they start to feel worthless.


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