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reading the 1st term 5th form
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reading - the 1st term (the 5th form)

Form 5   READING (the first term) Variant 1READING

1 Complete the text with the words from the box.

clever, games,  name,  friendly,  cheats,  funny,  curly,  subjects,  short,  playing

My best friend’s (1) ______is Jack. He is my classmate. Jack is (2)_____ and thin. He has got short blond (3)______ hair and small eyes. Jack is an excellent pupil. He is (4) ____and knows a lot. He never (5) ____in tests. Jack’s favourite (6)___ are History and Maths. He is also good at English, but he hates Music and PE. Jack isn’t good at sports, (7)___ like football or basketball, but he is keen on (8)___ chess. All the classmates think that he is a chess wizard. He also likes reading and he knows a lot of (9) ___stories. All the children like him because he is very (10)_____ and he is always ready to help his classmates.

2 Read the text of ex. 1 and write if the sentences are true or false. Correct the false sentences.

1) Jack isn’t tall.________

2) Jack has got dark hair.______

3) Jack is a good pupil._______

4) Jack is fond of sports._______

5) Jack can’t play chess very well.__

6) Jack is a very helpful boy._____

3 Read and tick the correct picture.

We like parties. My friends and I often have theme parties in autumn and winter. But in summer when the weather is good our families and friends often have outdoor parties. We cook food on fire, play volleyball and badminton. Sometimes we go on picnics to the river. The girls like swimming in warm water and the boys go fishing. We take tents and sleep in them. Outdoor parties are my favourite ones!

4 Match the names of school subjects to the activities that you do at them.

1) Art


2) Handicraft


3) Geography

4) Music

5) IT


6) Ukrainian


a) At the lesson pupils learn about different countries, seas and mountains.

b) At this lesson pupils learn to use the computer and the Internet.

c) At this lesson pupils make different things and learn to cook.

d) At this lesson pupils draw and paint.

e) At this lesson pupils learn about composers, listen to music and sing.

f) At this lesson pupils learn poems of famous writers and grammar rules.

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